"Employees have been great! Support staff have been very helpful."

GM TA Center

"All people employed through you all have been great assets to our company."


"I would like to say that there was never a time I needed the coaches support or involvement she was always there."

Susan Armstrong, Acting Director Westport Rehab




Service Values
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The individual receiving services should be, at all times, the central driving force in all planning efforts, service delivery options, and employment decisions.

Customer Service:

We believe in providing exceptional service to each and every customer. It is our goal to serve people in the most efficient and effective manner possible.

Service Planning:

All who are referred for services are asked to describe their personal interests, skills, aptitudes, and life goals. Family and friends are welcomed and encouraged to contribute. These personal goals and individual strengths form the basis for the services that we will deliver. The exploration of personal networks and life experiences can provide additional information to guide support development.

Job Development and Situational Assessment:

Its our goal to develop jobs and assesment sites that match the personal interests of our customers. In doing so, we aim to meet the needs of prospective employers as well. We aspire to meet the highest professional standards in all of our interactions and written materials. We represent our customers as capable, qualified job candidates who are ready and willing to contribute to the workforce.

Job Placement:

All job placement decisions are ultimately made by the job seeker. It is our job to provide reliable information about the quality of the job and the employer, so that an informed choice can be made. To the greatest extent possible, positions are identified that match each person's interests, skills, and abilities. The safety of the environment in which our staff and our customers work is always considered first and foremost. Some work experiences are viewed as skill building steps in a career path, not as "career fulfillment." Job placements are never made solely on the basis of convenience or availability.

Work Support:

As trainers, it is our goal to fit naturally into the work environment. We attempt to identify and use natural (already existing) supports to help the employee become comfortable, competent, and productive in their new job. The business culture is always respected and integrated into our service delivery plan.

Our Services:
Employment Supports
  • Supported Employment (SE)
  • Job Coach Training Services
  • Job Development
  • Job Placement
  • Employment Exploration— Situational Assessments
  • On the Job Training
  • Job Retention – Follow Along Services
Medicaid Waiver Services
  • Medicaid ID Waiver Individual SE
  • Medicaid ID Waiver Group Option SE
Independent Living Skills Training
  • Use of public transportation
  • Housekeeping, shopping, finances
  • Personal Grooming, meal prep
Social Security Benefit Management
  • Wage impact analyses