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For Employers


A Simple Process:

Our work style is straightforward—based on direct communication. YOU contact us to discuss a potential job, and WE talk through the particulars of the position and analyze the duties. YOU set the quality and production standards, and WE match the demands with a capable worker, providing support from day one. YOU notify us of any additional support needs, and WE respond immediately to ensure success. YOU have a concern? WE provide the tools to make the situation work, including transportation assistance, on-the-job training, and off-site support.

YOU Reap the Benefits!

Your time will be freed to do the things that are more important to your business by letting CSS share the time-consuming tasks of recruitment, hiring, and training. Just think about:


We reduce the time it takes to locate dependable workers by giving employers access to our pool of pre-screened candidates.


Our up-front work complements your screening and hiring process –and we'll take care of many of the details.


Our training and staff support services dove-tail easily with the style of your company. And we keep at it until your new employee is completely up to speed.


We know that turnover is costly, so we maintain an ongoing and systematic support program to help keep employees in place.

An Unbeatable Resource and it's FREE!

We deliver:

  • Qualified & pre-screened job candidates
  • On-the-job work trials to ensure a good job match
  • On-the-job training until your new worker meets your standards
  • Ongoing follow-up to ensure job retention
  • Assistance with job site analyses and modifications
  • Employer and coworker education and resources
  • Improved workplace diversity
  • Employer Tax Incentive Information and Assistance
  • Off-site work support for your employee